Dr Donald R Murphy lectures in Spain

19 May

The week of May 6-11 I spoke at the chiropractic school in Madrid (Real Centro Universitario Escorial – María Cristina) and the European Chiropractic Union annual convention in Barcelona (actually, nearby Sitges).  The chiropractic school had specifically asked me to speak to the students about the primary spine care model.  I gave a second workshop on cervical radiculopathy.

At the ECU convention I spoke about diagnosis of patients with neck and back pain but was sure to weave in the need in all Western societies for a designated primary spine practitioner.  The enthusiastic reception the PSP model received both amongst the students and the doctors was remarkable.  In fact, while at the meeting I arranged to bring the PSP training to the UK at the Anglo-European Chiropractic College (AECC) as well as to the Scandinavian chiropractors.  The AECC program starts in November.

I was able to speak to a number of important people in Europe, including presidents of national associations, the heads of chiropractic schools and David Chapman-Smith, Secretary-General of the World Federation of Chiropractic.  All were extremely enthusiastic about our model.

It was a tremendously productive time and further solidified in my mind that the PSP model is an idea whose time has come.

Donald R Murphy, DC

About Dr Murphy:

Dr. Murphy is a chiropractic physician with postgraduate training in neurology and holds a Diplomate from the American Chiropractic Academy of Neurology.  He has been in clinical practice for over 20 years and is currently Clinical Director of the Rhode Island Spine Center in Providence, RI.  The Rhode Island Spine Center functions as a non-surgical spine specialty center with DCs and a PT on staff.  It averages 50-80 new patients per month, approximately 80% of whom are MD referrals.

Dr. Murphy is also Clinical Assistant Professor at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University.  He is also Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Research at New York Chiropractic College.  He lectures throughout the world on various topics related to back pain, neck pain and headaches.   Dr. Murphy has published dozens of articles in numerous peer-reviewed scientific journals and trade publications his textbook, Conservative Management of Cervical Spine Syndromes is widely utilized by chiropractic schools and field practitioners throughout the world.



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