Primary Spine Practitioner training for 2014

3 Dec





“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”

LAOZI (604bc – 531bc)



The Primary Spine Provider Network, LLC is pleased to announce that Primary Spine Provider (PSP) training will begin in Philadelphia PA and Stamford CT in January 2014 and in Charlotte NC and Orlando FL beginning in February 2014.  The live portion of PSP training includes 3 separate weekends of 12 hrs each.  We are currently finalizing the online learning portion of the program, which will be another 64hrs of distance learning.

The 2014 dates for each location are as follows:

Philadelphia PA:   January 11-12.   February 8-9,  May 3-4

Stamford CT:  January 25-26, March 1-2,  June 21-22

Charlotte NC:  February 8-9,  March 8-9,  September 13-14

Orlando FL:  February 22-23,  March 29-30,  September 27-28

Please go to the EDUCATION page on the PSPN website ( to register.


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